HerbWild Teas

~Ah... a cup of tea! It gets you up in the morning, tucks you in bed at night, and keeps you sane and balanced through the day. Let HerbWild make your day with stimulating and relaxing teas. And when you and your partner need a little invigoration, there’s HerbWild Cupid’s Tonic for both of you!

Comfort Tea Comfort Tea

A comforting and strengthening tea blended to offer support when a little help is needed. Enjoy a cup and relax.

Throat Tea Throat Tea

A warm and soothing blend for when the voice is hoarse and the throat is dry and scratchy.

Turmeric Chai Turmeric Chai

An exotic herbal chai with spices and an added pinch of cayenne. Enjoy with milk.

My Guardian tea My Guardian Tea

Full flavored with a rich yet smooth and mellow taste. Blended to help support your natural resistance all year round. Contains Peppermint, Elder flowers, Rosehips, Ginger root, Anise seed, Thyme, Calendula flowers, and Yarrow herb.

Night Time tea Night Time Tea

Relax with this full flavoured blend at the end of the day. Contains Lemon Balm, Hibiscus flowers, Skullcap, Passionflower, Hops flowers, Valerian root, and Lavender flowers.

Mull It Over Spice Mull It Over™ Spice

When the air turns crisp and snow soon follows you need a cup of hot beverage mulled with spices to warm you up. Adding the warming flavours and aromas of spices to hot cider or wine is a centuries-old European tradition.

Chamomile Sweet Dreams tea Chamomile Smooth Dreams Tea

Whether or not you any trouble sleeping, this soothing tea will help you relax. The lemon balm softens the chamomile and adds a gentle sweetness.

Tea-Mega-Voltage Mega Voltage Tea

Get a morning jolt without the caffeine! Our special blend of nine organic herbs and spices will warm you from within and give a gentle boost.

Tea-Cupid’s Tonic Cupid’s Tonic

Get "in the mood" with our invigorating love potion made with ginseng, damiana and six other, shall we say, stimulating herbs.

My Feel Good Tea My Feel Good Tea™

When the children are feeling a little off, maybe with the chills or a cold, this simple blend of four garden herbs is just what is needed. The taste is minty and yummy, with a nice orangey colour. Grown ups like it too!

Fireside Chai Fireside Chai™

Cozy up and relax by the fireplace or campfire with Fireside Chai. It’s a warm, harmonious spicy blend that helps set the mood to rest and reflect, or dream the future.

Tea for Two Tea For Two™

A tea to share with your partner for a quiet moment of togetherness, to recharge and reconnect. Its spicy licorice taste and aroma will invigorate body and mind in surprising ways – and who knows what might happen next!

Got My Back Got My Back™ Tea

This tea protects you when you need it -- like having your own personal bodyguard! It’s a very nice tasting blend of five herbs known for their protective qualities. Not bitter or medicinal at all. Just a clean, well-balanced taste.

African Summer Tea African Summer Tea

Go on an adventure to the plains of the African Serengeti with every cup. A unique blend.

Fairy Tale Tea Fairy Tale Tea

A rich blend of aromatic flowers with a hint of mint. Can be enjoyed hot or cold. Truly a delicious brew worthy of fairies everywhere.

Setting Sun Tea Setting Sun Tea

Ease into the evening with a cup of Setting Sun tea. A colorful herbal blend speckled with Hibiscus.

Chocolate Chai Chocolate Chai

Exudes decadence with every sip. Chocolate chai brings the richness of dark chocolate to the silky smoothness of Rooibos tea.

Tulsi Tea Plus Tulsi Tea Plus

Throughout India Tulsi is acclaimed as "The Queen of Herbs." It is base of this delicious nourishing tea blend of Rama Tulsi Basil, Mint, Rose petals and more.

Breathe Clear Tea Breathe Clear Tea

Sweet and succulent with a honey-like linger. It is a rich blend of nine roots and spices that warms the body and soul.

Good Heart Tea Good Heart Tea

Contains heart-friendly herbs that make the heart grateful. Blended with fruity goodness, this tea is a delight for the palate. Smooth and mild, with a lingering hint of spice.

Yummy Tummy Tea Yummy Tummy Tea

A yummy blend of soothing herbs that support the stomach. Kids and adults alike love it.

Women’s Ease Tea Women’s Ease Tea

A refreshing full-flavoured tea to enjoy every day. Blended to support and protect women‘s wellness, vitality and energy.

Assam Tea Assam Tea

Compared to Chinese teas, Assam tea gives a stronger jolt with its higher caffeine and tannin content. No wonder it became the basis of English breakfast teas. This Assam tea will not disappoint!

Euphoria Tea Euphoria Tea

Rejuvenate with herbs rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. This delicious tea will gradually restore and strengthen worn and tired tissues, nerves and muscles, leaving you feeling youthful and lightweight.

Wise Women Tea Wise Women Tea

For the emerging wise woman within! This blend was crafted with balancing herbs to create a tasty, grounding cup of tea. Effervescent and engaging with crisp green notes.

Pick-Me-Up Tea Pick-Me-Up Tea

A delicately balanced nettle and rooibos blend to start the day or to restart a sleepy afternoon.

Easy Does It Tea Easy Does It Tea

Zesty caffeine-free way to start the day, end the day, or for any time in between. A sure pleaser, with hints of berry and mint.

Red Rooibos Tea Red Rooibos Tea

Brews to a beautiful deep crimson shade with a full bodied nutty flavour. With less than half the tannin of regular tea it does not turn bitter with long simmering. A great substitute for everyday tea and coffee.

Wiccan’s Brew Wiccan Brew

A tonic blend designed for health, happiness and harmony. Floral and fruity, the luscious taste and feel connect us back to our natural selves.

Get Smart Tea Get Smart

A blend of herbs that work together to help stimulate the mind and improve concentration and memory.

Licorice-Mint Tea Licorice-Mint Tea

Simple and uncomplicated, yet rich and satisfying at the same time. Its four ingredients – peppermint leaf, licorice root and cloves – provide a deep well of flavour.

Morning Tea Morning Tea

A caffeine-free cup to wake up to. There is fennel to soothe the throat, flax for a jolt of essential fatty acids, peppermint and licorice to fire up body and mind topped off with a touch of maple from fenugreek. Simply extraordinary!

Earl Grey Rooibos Tea Earl Grey Rooibos Tea

A smooth and sweet tea with floral undertones and a subtle citrus finish. Contains carefully fermented red rooibos with a touch of bergamot citrus essential oil to give a distinctive Earl Gray taste.

Cinnamon Apricot Tea Cinnamon Apricot Tea

A refreshing cup of tea blended from dried fruit and flowers with a dusting of cinnamon. Enjoy either hot or as ice tea.

Crimson Berry Tea Crimson Berry Tea

Currants, elderberries, and cranberries meld together in a medley of red fruity sweetness. Rosehips and hibiscus, along with red rooibos, add to a deep red cup of pleasure.

Pineapple-Papaya Sencha Pineapple-Papaya Sencha

This has Chinese Sencha as its base, a green tea that delivers a yellow cup and a naturally sweet flavour. Added are pineapple pieces and natural papaya flavour, plus cornflower petals for colour.

Berry Bramble Tea Berry Bramble Tea

Naturally sweet honeybush from South Africa mingles with earthy bramble leaves and a vibrant blend of elderberries, bilberries and blueberries. Add a little cream or sugar for a special treat. Caffeine-free.

White Peony Harvest Tea White Peony Harvest

A unique white peony tea blend delicious hot or cold. Sweet, fruity from the added dried apple and pear, balanced by the earthy flavours of nettle and lemon balm. A delicious treat!

Dark Roast Yaupon Tea Dark Roast Yaupon Tea

Similar to black tea but sweeter and nuttier with smoky undertones. Brewed as a caffeinated tea beverage in the southern U.S. Tannin content is low so the tea does not turn bitter like black tea

Winter Warmth Tea Winter Warmth Tea

Brings feelings of warmth and comfort when winter reigns outside. On a base of black tea, the scents of juicy oranges, sweet apples and cinnamon are layered in. Heavenly by the fireplace any time!

RenEssence Tonic Tea RenEssence™ Tonic Tea

Rene Caisse’s famous tonic remedy prepared according to Dr. Gary Glum’s recipe. Rene Caisse was a nurse who treated thousands of people with her special herbal formula.

Mrs Richters’s Special Herbal Tea Mrs Richter’s Special Herbal Tea

A exquisite blend of 5 herbs, painstakingly harvested and dried in Mrs. Richter’s special way. Its unique flavour and aroma will please all who try it. Both refreshing and relaxing – a special delight for anytime.

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