Save with Herbal Basics!
PLANTS @ $4.25/pot SEEDS @ $3.00/pkt
P1273 Genovese Basil S1270 Basil
P1790 Chives S1680 Chamomile
P2141 Dill S1790 Chives
P3625 Lavender S1890-300 Cilantro
P3910 Marjoram S2032 Cress
P4040 Mint S2140 Dill
P4315 Oregano S3910 Marjoram
P4367 Italian Parsley S4367 Italian Parsley
P5030 Rosemary S5170 Sage
P5170 Sage S5290 Savory
P5300 Savory S5680 Sorrel
P6450 Thyme S6450 Thyme

Save with Herbal Basics!
Start your herb garden with our most popular seeds and plants priced to save you money!
All Herbal Basics seeds are $3.00
and all Herbal Basics plants are $4.25.
Choose any combination herb seeds
or plants from the varieties listed below.
*Minimum order for plants (any mix of varieties) is 6 pots. Herbal Basics plants can be combined with other plants to meet the minimum. No minimum for seeds; order as few as 1 packet
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