Richters Potted Herbs

All our potted herbs are here. Hundreds of varieties available, shipped safely to your door anywhere in Canada and the United States! Look for our Wholesale for Everyone pricing on potted herbs when you order 3 or more herbs of the same kind.

Please note: Potted plants are shipped April to November, weather permitting. Plants are not shipped outside North America.

Aconite Allheal SALE Aloe Vera
Angelica SALE Anise-Hyssop Arnica, American SALE
Arnica, European Ashwagandha Baby’s Breath, Manchurian SALE
Bacopa Balloon Flower Balm, Lemon
Balm, Lime Basil, Genovese Basil, Red Genovese
Basil, Cinnamon SALE Basil, African Blue Basil, African Spice
Basil, Ajaka Basil, Purple Sacred SALE Basil, Thai
Bayberry Bay Laurel Bedstraw, Yellow SALE
Belladonna Bergamot Bergamot, Blue Stocking
Bergamot, Marshall’s Delight Bergamot, Rose-Scented Bergamot, Red
Betony Bloodroot Boneset
Bo-Tree Bugle, Bronze SALE Burnet, Salad
Calamus Caper Bush Catnip
Catnip, Faassen’s Celandine Chamomile, Double
Chamomile, English Chamomile, Roman Chives
Chives, Profusion® SALE Chives, Garlic SALE Cicely, Sweet
Clary Clove-Pink Clover, Dragon’s Blood
Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Blue Coltsfoot
Columbine Comfrey, Common Comfrey, Bocking 4
Comfrey, Bocking 14 Coriander, Vietnamese SALE Culantro
Costmary Cress, African Power Curryleaf
Curryplant Curryplant, Mini Dill, Bouquet
Dittany of Crete Dock, Bloody SALE Echinacea
Echinacea, Fragrant Angel Echinacea, Ruby Giant Echinacea, Narrowleaf SALE
Elder, Adams SALE Elder, American SALE Elder, Bob Gordon SALE
Elder, Magnolia Hill SALE Elder, Wyldewood SALE Elecampane SALE
Ephedra, American Eucalyptus SALE Eucalyptus, Lemon
Eucalyptus, Peppermint Evening Primrose Fennel, Bronze
Feverfew Fig, Hardy Chicago SALE Fig, Beer’s Black
Fig, Black Mission Fig, Brunswick Fig, Capelas SALE
Fig, Celeste SALE Fig, Dalmatie Fig, Desert King
Fig, Improved Celeste Fig, Kadota SALE Fig, LSU Purple
Fig, Marseilles Black VS Fig, Melanzana Fig, Natalina
Fig, Neveralla Fig, Niagara Black Fig, Olympian SALE
Fig, Ronde de Bordeaux Fig, Stella Fig, Sultane
Fig, Texas Everbearing Fig, Vern’s Brown Turkey SALE Fig, Verte SALE
Fig, Violette de Bordeaux Flag, Licorice Fo-Ti
Forsythia Foxglove, Purple Foxglove, Grecian SALE
Garlic, Society SALE Garlic, Silver Lace Geranium, Almond
Geranium, Apple Geranium, Apricot Geranium, Attar of Roses
Geranium, Charity Geranium, Chocolate-Mint SALE Geranium, Cinnamon
Geranium, Citrosa Geranium, Clorinda Geranium, Coconut
Geranium, Fair Ellen Geranium, Fernleaf SALE Geranium, Fingerbowl Lemon
Geranium, Frensham Lemon Geranium, Ginger SALE Geranium, Gray Lady Plymouth
Geranium, Lemon Sculpture™ Geranium, Lime Geranium, Mabel Grey
Geranium, Mrs. Taylor Geranium, Nutmeg Geranium, Old Spice
Geranium, Orange Fizz Geranium, Peacock Geranium, Peppermint SALE
Geranium, Prince of Orange Geranium, Pungent Peppermint Geranium, Rober’s Lemon-Rose SALE
Geranium, Rose Geranium, Scarlet Unique Geranium, Skeleton-Rose
Geranium, Staghorn Oak Geranium, Strawberry Geranium, Variegated Nutmeg SALE
Germander Ginger, Cardamom SALE Ginger, Shell SALE
Ginger, Wild Ginkgo Ginseng, Siberian
Gojiberry, Black Good King Henry Gotu Kola
Greek Mountain Tea SALE Ground Ivy, Variegated Gynura
Heliotrope SALE Hollyhock Hollyhock, Black SALE
Hops, Cascade Hops, Centennial Hops, Chinook
Hops, Fuggle SALE Hops, Glacier SALE Hops, Northern Brewer
Hops, Southern Cross Hops, Spalter Select Hops, Teamaker
Horehound SALE Horseradish SALE Hyssop SALE
Ginger Bush Jacob’s Ladder Jasmine
Jasmine, Arabian SALE Java Tea SALE Jessamine, Night
Joe-Pye Weed Lamb’s Ear, Woolly Lantern, Chinese
Lavender, English Lavender, Big Time Blue Lavender, Blue Cushion
Lavender, Folgate SALE Lavender, Hidcote SALE Lavender, Melissa
Lavender, Munstead SALE Lavender, SuperBlue SALE Lavender, Twickel Purple SALE
Lavender, French Lavender, Kew Red Lavender, Fred Boutin SALE
Lavender, Gros Bleu SALE Lavender, Grosso SALE Lavender, Hidcote Giant
Lavender, Phenomenal Lavender, Provence SALE Lavender, Seal SALE
Lavender, Sweet Lemongrass SALE Lemon Leaf
Leopard Lily SALE Licorice Lily of the Valley
Lion’s Tail SALE Lobelia Lovage SALE
Maralroot SALE Marguerite, Golden SALE Marigold, Lemon Gem
Marigold, Orange Gem Marigold, Red Gem Marigold, Lemon Mint
Tarragon, Tarragold™ SALE Marjoram, Sweet SALE Marjoram, Variegated
Marshmallow SALE Mayapple Meadowsweet SALE
Astragalus Mint, Apple Mint, Banana
Mint, Chocolate SALE Mint, Corsican SALE Mint, English
Mint, Double Mint, Ginger Mint, Grapefruit
Mint, Hillary’s Sweet Lemon SALE Mint, Berries & Cream™ Mint, Candied Fruit SALE
Mint, Candy Lime™ Mint, Pink Candypops™ Mint, Citrus Kitchen SALE
Mint, Cotton Candy Mint, Jim’s Fruit Mint, Fruit Sensations
Mint, Italian Spice Mint, Margarita™ Mint, Marilyn’s Salad™
Mint, Marshmallow™ Mint, Oregano-Thyme™ Mint, Sweet Pear™
Mint, Wintergreen Mint, Japanese Mint, Mojito
Mint, Orange Mint, Peppermint Mint, Variegated Peppermint
Mint, Pineapple Mint, Moroccan Mint, Spearmint
Mint, Improved Spearmint Mint, Scotch Spearmint Mint, Swiss
Mint, Vietnamese SALE Mint, Jamaican Mountain-Mint
Mintleaf, Lemon Twist Mitsuba, Purple SALE Motherwort SALE
Mugwort Mulberry SALE Mullein SALE
Mushroom Herb SALE Myrtle, Greek SALE Myrtle, German SALE
Nepitella SALE Nettle, Stinging Ololiuqui
Onion, Egyptian Oregano, Compact Oregano, Golden
Oregano, Greek SALE Oregano, Kaliteri SALE Oregano, Herrenhausen SALE
Oregano, Bristol Cross SALE Oregano, Hopley’s SALE Oregano, Italian
Oregano, Kent Beauty Oregano, Profusion® SALE Oregano, Syrian SALE
Oregano, Turkestan Oregano, Zorba Red SALE Oregano, Cuban
Oregano, Mexican Orris Parsley, Mosscurled SALE
Parsley, Italian Pasque Flower Passion Flower
Passion Flower, American Patchouli Pennyroyal SALE
Pennyroyal, Purple Snowcones SALE Pennyroyal, Spice Ball Pepper, Anaheim Chile
Pepper, Ancho Poblano Chile Pepper, Bhut Jolokia Pepper, Big Jim
Pepper, Bishop’s Crown Pepper, Black Hungarian Pepper, Cayenne Chile
Pepper, Habanero Chile Pepper, Hot Portugal Pepper, Hungarian Hot Wax
Pepper, Jalapeño Chile Pepper, Monkeyface Pepper, Scotch Bonnet
Pepper, Serrano Chile Pepper, Tabasco Chile Periwinkle
Periwinkle, Variegated Piss-Off Plant SALE Pokeroot SALE
Pomegranate, Dwarf Quinine, Wild Raspberry, Red
Raspberry, Black Rau Om SALE Reineckia, Chinese SALE
Rescueherb Rosemary Rosemary, Arp
Rosemary, Barbeque SALE Rosemary, Blue Boy Rosemary, Blue Rain SALE
Rosemary, Foxtail Rosemary, Golden Rain Rosemary, Gorizia
Rosemary, Hill Hardy Rosemary, Huntington Carpet Rosemary, Majorca SALE
Rosemary, Pink Majorca Rosemary, Rex Rosemary, Spice Island SALE
Rosemary, Tuscan Blue SALE Roseroot Rue
Sage, Big Pink Sage, Cherry Chief Sage, Lowry’s Peach
Sage, Raspberry Royale SALE Sage, Sierra San Antonio SALE Sage, Cardinal SALE
Sage, Fruit Sage, Grape-Scented SALE Sage, Garden
Sage, Berggarten SALE Sage, Dwarf SALE Sage, Golden
Sage, Holt’s Mammoth SALE Sage, Purple SALE Sage, Tricolor
Sage, White Dalmation SALE Sage, Greek Sage, Honey Melon
Sage, Hummingbird Sage, Mexican Bush Sage, Pineapple
Sage, Peruvian SALE Sage, Tangerine Sage, White
Sage, Russian Sagebrush, Silver St John’s Wort
Santolina Santolina, Green Savory, Creeping
Savory, Winter Scullcap Scullcap, Baikal SALE
Seabuckthorn, Citrus Blaze Seabuckthorn, Citrus Gold Seabuckthorn, Huron Sunset SALE
Seabuckthorn, Lord Sea-Onion SALE Sushni SALE
Soapwort Solomon’s Seal Sorrel, Garden SALE
Sorrel, Profusion® Sorrel, True French SALE Southernwood
Southerwood, Camphor Southernwood, Citrus Speedwell
Speedwell, Creeping Speedwell, Silver Partridgeberry
Stevia Stevia, Candy Strawberry, Alpine
Strawberry, White Soul SALE Strawberry, Climbing SALE Sweetgrass
Tansy SALE Tansy, Silver Tarragon, French SALE
Thyme, Caraway SALE Thyme, English Thyme, Compact
Thyme, French Thyme, Fredo Thyme, Silver
Thyme, Lemon Carpet™ SALE Thyme, Creeping Lemon Thyme, Lemon
Thyme, Golden Lemon Thyme, Mystic Lemon Thyme, Purple Carpet Lemon SALE
Thyme, Villa Nova Lemon SALE Thyme, Zambesi Lemon Thyme, Creeping SALE
Thyme, Lavender SALE Thyme, Lime SALE Thyme, Mint
Thyme, Minus SALE Thyme, Nutmeg Thyme, Orange Balsam
Thyme, Orange Spice™ Thyme, Rose Petal™ Thyme, Silver Queen Lemon
Thyme, Wild Thyme, Woolly Thyme, Broadleaf
Thyme, Silver Edge Broadleaf Uva Ursi Valerian SALE
Valerian, Red SALE Fish Mint SALE Fish Mint, Chameleon
Verbena, Anise Verbena, Lemon Vervain SALE
Vervain, Blue Vicks Plant Wasabi
Waterleaf Wintergreen Gojiberry SALE
Woodruff, Sweet Wormwood SALE Wormwood, Powis Castle
Wormwood, Roman Wormwood, Silver King Wormwood, Silver Queen SALE
Wormwood, Tree Yarrow, White Yarrow, Moonshine
Yarrow, Mongolian Yarrow, Red Yerba Buena
Zaatar Zaatar, Cleopatra Zuta Levana SALE
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