Why herbs for your special occasion?

There is something special about herbs – especially live herbs – that resonates deep in our memories. Maybe it’s an aroma that evokes a memory from the past. Or it’s the lush green shades that recall a childhood romp through a pristine forest. Whatever the trigger, they are such great conversational starters, and will make your occasion a special one. Whether you need 1 or 100, we can help you create beautiful pieces featuring herbs that will be remembered.

What is Perfect Memories?

Perfect Memories is a service to help you to create unique and memorable gifts, centrepieces and wedding favours using herbs. Our staff will help you select the right herbs, containers and accessories, and they will plant them up and nurture them until the day of your big event. Then they will arrange to deliver your items to your event venue. Or they will arrange for you to pick them up at Richters yourself.

How does it work?

It starts with a call to Richters to book a consultation with a Perfect Memories specialist. Our staff will work with you to decide which herbs will work best for the event items or gifts that you want to create for your occasion. We will take into account such things as the symbolic meaning of the herbs, the colours, aromas and textures of the herbs, and any practical limitations imposed by the containers, accessories or nature of the event. We can also customize packaging for any event.

Because herbs require time to grow and to create a beautiful lush effect, please allow at least 8 weeks before your occasion. Please be aware that plants are subject to seasonal availability.

How much does it cost?

Every occasion and every project is unique. The cost depends on the plants used, the containers and accessories (and whether you supply them yourself), any special attention that is required, and on delivery. Here is a starting point to help you plan your budget:

25-49 pots$50
50-99 pots$75
100-149 pots$100
150-199 pots$150
200-249 pots$200
250-300 pots$250
300+ potsPlease inquire

The above fees includes potting soil and planting labour only. They do not include the price of selected plants, containers, accessories, or delivery.

Where is it available?

Perfect Memories service is only limited by driving distance to and from Richters. If you want us to deliver your items to your event, we can deliver by our truck to your location in the Greater Toronto area and environs. Because of event scheduling and the nature of the items themselves, we do not deliver by public carriers such as UPS, FedEx or Canada Post.

Let’s get started! Contact a Perfect Memories specialist today! Call 1-800-668-HERB.

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